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Map The Museum of MoscowRussian: Together, these tell the story of Moscow from ancient settlements to the modern-day metropolis. This collection is an ongoing compilation, beginning almost years ago when the museum first opened. It was reopened in and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Exhibits reflect every aspect of city life, including numerous documents and maps, paintings and photographs, archaeological findings, household items and clothes, coins, books, and much more. Vasnetsov, a renowned artist and an expert in the study of the city of Moscow. Visual art exhibits include paintings, engravings and drawings demonstrating what Moscow was like at different periods.

Russian “Gzhel ” Faience /Hand Painted Blue on White Vase / Circa 1950’s 1960’s

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Gzhel is a tradition Russian style of ceramics. It takes its name from the village of Gzhel situated near Moscow. Gzhel potters developed in s high quality white earthenware, which is painted in a traditional blue on white manner.

Help kids We would like to invite all our clients to support our action and Help kids! If you are able to donate some small items such as a toy, clothing, shoes or kitchen utensils? If you leave it at our office, we will send it to an orphanage, soup kitchen, school or hospital. We appreciate the assistance of the International Women’s Club: Moscow is a huge city in every sense — as a soviet architectural utopia turned into reality and as one of the biggest cities in the world.

Its size raises just one question – how elastic is the material Moscow is made of, i. The city was designed in concentric circles around the ancient Kremlin, with streets and boulevards stretching from the center. As in a labyrinth, no matter where you choose to go you will finally find yourself in the Red Square at the Kremlin wall. Once there you will end up having the chance to see the most amazing museums of the Kremlin. Once you successfully fight the gravitational force of the Kremlin, you might find yourself wandering through the streets defined by Stalinist skyscrapers.

Russian folk craft – Gzhel in the interior design

It’s 7″ tall and 6 ” across in the middle. It has a mark and numbers on the bottom, but I’ll be darn if I can figure it out or even what the word in the “Swan” mark is suppose to be. The first letter is a mystery. Anybody know this mark or factory?

Gzhel style porcelain Gzhel is the name of the traditional Russian craft of production of porcelain and pottery items – dishes, tiles, other decorative elements and pieces. If to be more precise Gzhel is the name of the region close to Moscow which includes about 27 of villages and small towns.

Russia — Russia, also officially the Russian Federation, is a country in Eurasia. The European western part of the country is more populated and urbanised than the eastern. Russias capital Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world, other urban centers include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod. Extending across the entirety of Northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, Russia spans eleven time zones and incorporates a range of environments. It shares maritime borders with Japan by the Sea of Okhotsk, the East Slavs emerged as a recognizable group in Europe between the 3rd and 8th centuries AD.

Founded and ruled by a Varangian warrior elite and their descendants, in it adopted Orthodox Christianity from the Byzantine Empire, beginning the synthesis of Byzantine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the next millennium. Rus ultimately disintegrated into a number of states, most of the Rus lands were overrun by the Mongol invasion.

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Chinese ceramics Porcelain originated in China , and it took a long time to reach the modern material. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Although proto-porcelain wares exist dating from the Shang Dynasty — BC , by the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty period BC— AD , glazed ceramic wares had developed into porcelain, on a Chinese definition as high-fired ware.

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This is a finely done but unmarked porcelain pitcher in a basket weave pattern. I’m showing her best side – the left horn is broken and ear chipped, but it’s so unique that I couldn’t resist it. Inexpensive, also, because of the damage. Although unmarked, this quite large and heavy mottled blue creamer is by Moorland, or at least from one of their molds. There is a bit about them along with a similar creamer accompanied by a teapot in the England section of the Favorite Brands page, and also a couple more teapots – including a blue and white one – on the Teapots page.

From there it went into the extensive collection of a Belgian gentleman, and I got it as his collections was being sold off in pieces at the Catawiki auction site. The one with a winter scene, however, shows how not to do it…the print has been poorly applied, and parts of it are missing or blurred. There are a couple pairs of theirs on the sugar and creamers page. Yes there is a white one, but it has brilliant flowers and it accompanies its cousins in bright solid teal and red.

A perfectly white porcelain cow creamer: Then what does she do?? Market her own in red and teal. These cows were what a surprise!

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Carpenter I have a 10 inch bowl with the branch and 3nK marking but no red cccp I cannot find any info either. Have you found out anything yet? Peter admin Many thanks for giving me a nudge on this one.

Gzhel is a Russian folk handicraft of both painting and ceramics production. In early 19th century, local artisans discovered the recipe for making white faience, which spurred the subsequent production of high quality porcelain. Gzhel painting is distinguished by blue and white patterns that often incorporate flowers.

The toughness, strength, and translucence of porcelain, relative to other types of pottery , arises mainly from vitrification and the formation of the mineral mullite within the body at these high temperatures. Porcelain slowly evolved in China and was finally achieved depending on the definition used at some point about 2, and 1, years ago, then slowly spread to other East Asian countries, and finally Europe and the rest of the world. Its manufacturing process is more demanding than that for earthenware and stoneware , the two other main types of pottery, and it has usually been regarded as the most prestigious type of pottery for its delicacy, strength, and its white colour.

It combines well with both glazes and paint, and can be modelled very well, allowing a huge range of decorative treatments in tablewares, vessels and figurines. It also has many uses in technology and industry. The European name, porcelain in English, come from the old Italian porcellana cowrie shell because of its resemblance to the translucent surface of the shell. Porcelain is also referred to as china or fine china in some English-speaking countries, as it was first seen in imports from China.

Properties associated with porcelain include low permeability and elasticity ; considerable strength , hardness , toughness , whiteness , translucency and resonance ; and a high resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock. Nymphenburg porcelain group modelled by Franz Anton Bustelli , Porcelain has been described as being “completely vitrified, hard, impermeable even before glazing , white or artificially coloured, translucent except when of considerable thickness , and resonant”.

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List of Chinese inventions Porcelain originated in China. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Porcelain items in the sense that we know them today could be found in the Tang Dynasty, [7] and archaeological finds have pushed the dates back to as early as the Han Dynasty BC — AD.

Dating Your Piece The company’s logo has changed over the years as well, so you should be able to determine a bit about the age of your porcelain based on this. Earliest pieces bear a .

A potter at work in Jaura, Madhya Pradesh , India Clay ware takes on varying physical characteristics during the making of pottery. Greenware refers to unfired objects. At sufficient moisture content, bodies at this stage are in their most plastic form they are soft and malleable, and hence can be easily deformed by handling. Leather-hard refers to a clay body that has been dried partially.

Clay bodies at this stage are very firm and only slightly pliable. Trimming and handle attachment often occurs at the leather-hard state. It is now ready to be bisque fired. Bisque [6] [7] refers to the clay after the object is shaped to the desired form and fired in the kiln for the first time, known as “bisque fired” or “biscuit fired”. This firing changes the clay body in several ways. Mineral components of the clay body will undergo chemical changes that will change the colour of the clay.

Glaze fired is the final stage of some pottery making.

Porcelain and pottery marks – Gzhel marks

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Гжель. Gzhel Sugar bowl “Family number 1” is large. Gzhel porcelain. Sakharnitsa “Semeynaya №1” bol’shaya. Gzhel’skiy farfor. Сахарница “Семейная №1” большая.

List of Chinese inventions Porcelain originated in China. There is no precise date to separate the production of proto-porcelain from that of porcelain. Porcelain items in the sense that we know them today could be found in the Tang Dynasty, [8] and archaeological finds have pushed the dates back to as early as the Han Dynasty BC — AD. Bowl with dragons, phoenixes, gourds, and characters for happiness. From Peabody Essex Museum. Eventually, porcelain and the expertise required to create it began to spread into other areas of East Asia.

During the Song Dynasty — AD , artistry and production had reached new heights. The manufacture of porcelain became highly organised, and the kiln sites excavated from this period could fire as many as 25, wares.

Russian ceramics. Gzhel

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