EICMA 2017: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin And Continental GT 650 Twin Revealed

Its taking a bit longer then we would have liked, but we get first ride. The larger capacity Like was going to be here mid , latest update is the “end of year”. But lets just say the wait will be worth it. When visiting my pals at Kymco last week I came across this eagerly awaited model and couldn’t help myself. Before anybody could say no, I was starting her up and accelerating down the road. First thing you do notice is the ease of starting, fuel injection always helps in this regard and with the Like i, its no different. Next is the extra urge you get when you twist the throttle. Nice and smooth, a steady surge that will ensure the Like i is sufficient at getting around not only local roads, but also those motorways where maybe a might not have the power required. By seat of the pants feel, top speed will be well over the legal limits and getting there is no lengthy process.

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If you like one stop shopping, this is the place for you! If you find aftermarket parts on other web sites, chances are good that those brands got their product from Bellissi Moto. Visit their web site to see photos of their shop that validates them as a “real shop”. The following list outlines the additional Project Diavel products except those in their section below available from Bellissi Moto: Thanks to Bellissi Moto for adding some color to this place!

It’s time once again for the biggest motorcycle show of the year, EICMA. MO will have all of the latest news with Kevin Duke reporting live in Milan.

This year, the giant halls were chock-a-block with new bike launches from all sectors of the market. Ducati showed the Superleggera for folks who like to wear one-piece leathers, and the Aerostich brigade got a treat with a whole fleet of new ADV and commuter bikes. There were 70s throwbacks a-plenty, but also some intriguing new approaches to stripped-back, classic styling.

These are the 11 bikes that revved our engines the hardest. But this 70s-styled concept more than makes up for the half-hearted model refresh. The vibe is muscular and vintage—equal parts flat track and superbike—with angular new bodywork. There are no plans for production, but the reaction to this concept has been astounding. Husqvarna Vitpilen We already knew the Vitpilen was coming.

The real news is that the production version does not deviate much from the stunning concept we revealed here exclusively in November

The Top 10 Most Striking Yamaha VMAX Customs Ever Made!

The Scout has been a big hit for Indian, and today it announced a lower cost version displacing cc, the Scout Sixty. Here is the announcement from Indian: The new cc Scout Sixty breaks through boundaries, promising to broadly appeal to new rider segments with a premium motorcycle at the lowest MSRP yet for the brand.

The latest Tweets from EICMA (@official_eicma). Il canale Twitter ufficiale della 73° Esposizione internazionale ciclo e motociclo – Milano, Novembre Milano.

The renewed machine has proved itself a modern-day all-rounder, popular with casual tourers and off-road adventurers alike plus all riders in between because it offers enjoyable and usable engine performance in a chassis that works as well on-road as it does off. For , with the Africa Twin Adventure Sports we have used the revised CRF L as a starting point and added everything the long-distance rider needs to get the very most out of any adventure.

The fairing and screen offer more wind protection and a large sump guard and side pipe fully protect the machine. As such, it provides an optimum balance between power, torque, mass and physical dimension. A revised exhaust serves up an even more evocative howl as revs rise and also contributes to the improved performance. A significant addition to the Africa Twin platform for is its new Throttle By Wire TBW system, which brings with it 3 riding modes to adjust engine character and output to suit riding conditions.

The unique DCT Dual Clutch Transmission version features the standard manual mode — allowing the rider to operate gearshifts through triggers on the left handlebar — and two automatic modes. D mode offers the best balance of fuel economy and comfort cruising whilst S mode gives three different, sportier shift patterns to choose from. The DCT is also fully equipped to operate in an off-road environment and off-road functionality is enhanced by the G button. Pushing the G button in any riding mode modifies the control of the clutch system to give a more direct drive.

The semi-double cradle steel frame provides the ideal balance of high-speed stability matched to genuine off-road ability by combining sheer strength with flexibility. The engine is mounted on 6 engine hangers, which keeps vibration to a minimum, avoiding the need for steering dampers. The new lithium-ion battery saves 2. The inch front and inch rear spoked wheels are constructed from stainless steel.

Transformation to the trade fair of the future

EICMA is the premier annual global trade event for the motorcycle sector. Besides being the 1 showcase for all brands of motorcycles, EICMA features Moped, Motorbike, scooters and tricycles including electric ; separate parts and accessories for motorbikes; a growing customizing segment; helmets, apparel, luggage and accessories of all types, as well as a showcase of services, such as for the tourism sector.

According to ACEM the professional body of the European Motorcycle Industry that represents the interests of 13 powered two-wheeler manufacturers producing more than 30 brands, and 15 national associations , Italy has the greatest number of motorcycles in Europe, 2. In , almost , new vehicles were registered:

EICMA has always been synonymous with innovation and internationalization and is the only event to date that can give national and international visibility at a very high level. Numerous services are offered to the exhibiting companies, including: • The Matchmaking Platform, where.

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DSK Benelli TNT 600 GT, TNT 600i Review

I like all these older cars. Probably not very efficient but they look brutal. I bought the Esprit last October, after I sold the car I normally run on the ice. Larsen was the star in those days:

The motorcycle show season continues in Milan, Italy, for EICMA, the World Motorcycle Expo. Last year’s show was fantastic, but the edition promises to be even more spectacular as EICMA celebrates its th anniversary.

That I can remember Every Morning when I get to work Baja gets out of what ever mode of transportation we took to get there. Bicycle trailer, motorcycle or the less exciting van like we took today. As I unlock the door she makes her way to one end of the parking lot to sniff what ever dogs sniff. As I go inside to start wheeling out bikes she makes her way to the other end of the parking lot. This morning I had to piss and by the time I came out with my first bike I was oblivious to the fact that she was not any where near where she always knew to be.

After the second bike was wheeled out I registered that she was not herding my heels and watching out for the things that a heard dog watches out for when her master is maneuvering motorcycles through a 30″ door. This has happened before as A free range dog will often wonder in to the neighbors shop if the door is open and she so inclines to visit.

I walked up the street a few houses but I knew she would never wander. I knew she had been snatched. I have seen it nearly happen several times before. She is friendly to greet a car that pulls up into our parking lot just like her mother and all the other collie pups we raise on my parents ranch. City life is not the same as ranch life and some do-gooder people don’t really think about what good they are actually doing to their surroundings. I called the automated city animal control.

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New products or major upgrades are being presented for almost all the Piaggio Group brands: By distilling the essence of a scooter that changed the style of individual mobility forever and enhancing the lines that secured its success, the Pontedera Style Centre has projected the Vespa into a possible future where references and projections, tradition and innovation, merge seamlessly.

The vibrant heart of the Vespa 46 is a state-of-the-art engine that paves the way for forthcoming advances, with low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust and noise emissions.

MATCHMAKING – B2B MEETINGS Thanks to the exclusive MatchMaking digital platform, which EICMA has already offered exhibitors for 4 years, exhibitors and profiled professionals from all over the world can organize B2B meetings, develop commercial relations and expand their business. NEW.

Posted by kabol Thursday, March 24, 0 comments We’re working on our site. I listened to our clients at the show this year and I do talk to them every single day. I assure you our first step is to count all the parts we have, then to measure, upload, and make sure we have pictures. Sadly after 9 companies we are still in step 1 and 2. It is one of several projects we are undertaking right now. Things were moving so fast last year that we would buy a Vespa store that closed and I would sell most of the inventory before I even get to open it sometimes.

Then in other cases it takes us three months to find the Diamo part a dealer was looking for. Fortunately we are making tremendous amounts of progress. See video below for some ideas. If you knew us from the old days when we only had 1, parts and half were from Malaguti or SYM then you haven’t seen anything, over a thousand parts belong in the racing category and you can find those applications at this link: To know our apps use this app.

I think the biggest issue I see at small operations is that the big shops don’t have time for scooters and the small dealers don’t have time to take care of the phone, walk in clients, and look up part numbers in manuals. So I get phone calls where it starts off like this ” I need a Caliper,” my response is “Sir, do you have the brand, model, year for the caliper,” and the response is “no it’s Chinese maybe a Matrix?

Several companies that try to sell parts for brands like UM don’t have anything that really works because they don’t know this.

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Road coverage, Day 1: James Huang Interbike’s Outdoor Demo not only had a wealth of high-end off-road machines ready to roll, but also a host of premium road machines available for viewing and riding. The prescribed road test course was short in length, but at least it was closed to traffic and was fully supported by the Mavic neutral support crew. Naturally, the main objective of the companies that had set up booths was to highlight their new bikes, but if one were to look carefully enough, the Outdoor Demo also provided a good opportunity to preview ‘new-for ‘ componentry with which those bikes were equipped.

Many smaller companies either didn’t have official booths set up or shared space in order to minimize costs, but there was plenty of boutique stuff to be seen.

In Milan, the huge EICMA show is finally winding down. It’s the world’s most influential motorcycle showcase, and a barometer for the state of the industry. This year, the giant halls were chock-a-block with new bike launches from all sectors of the market. Ducati showed the Superleggera.

Ciro Aero Rudd looking to shake the tree Making its public debut at this year’s 75th anniversary Sturgis Rally, Ciro may be a ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of its parts and accessory industry trading record, but it has significant v-twin industry DNA. Established in May by a certain Mr Aero Rudd, if that last name sounds familiar, it should – his father is no less than Tom Rudd, founder of Drag Specialties in the s, long before it eventually came into Fred Fox’s ownership, and then founder of Kuryakyn in the s.

Only time will tell just how close to the tree this particular apple has fallen, but to judge by the first tranche of accessory designs, the first catalog, the website and social media presence, the significant investment in premises and show-rig, then my guess would be that this particular apple has soft-landed right under a tree that Aero Rudd will be shaking-up pretty good in the years to come! Their planned presence there for the rally apparently ruffled some feathers before the event, but hey – the freedom to compete is the American way!

They followed that up with a presence at the Drag Specialties annual National Vendor Presentations and Dealer Showcase event at Madison, Wisconsin, and for the time being the Ciro business model will be to sell through Drag Specialties as a sole distributor and self-distribute to non-Drag shops. Manufactured from the same ABS material as the original equipment bags, they are said to be “tough and built to last”.

Despite the heritage, from the get-go Ciro has not been a one-man show – Rudd’s is far from the only DNA powering this venture. Aero Rudd set the business up with a team of designers who clearly have a fresh eye, fresh approach and fresh minds. These stylish, patent-pending leg covers in chrome or black finish are available lighted or unlit. Easy bolt-on with plug and play wiring, they add run and turn lighting with bright amber L.

Equipped with the latest 3D design software and 3D Rapid Prototyping printers, they also have 30, sq ft of off-site warehousing to hold inventory and fulfil orders. At this stage the company employs designers, buyers and accounting personnel, but a sales and tech staff and warehouse team will be added soon. Fairing vents Described by Ciro as “the most appealing and innovative fairing vent trim on the market today”, the plug and play light module plugs directly into the stock wiring harness with no cutting, drilling or splicing.

Keanu Reeves and Arch Motorcycle Co. — /GOING RACING WITH ADAM CAROLLA

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